12/10/2022 – You can’t negotiate peace with someone who came to kill you

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (289th night of ruzzian invasion):

“You can’t negotiate peace with someone who came to kill you.” (Golda Meir)

Our team took this video during the trip to Kherson. The villages in Kherson region often look like this – not a single house has been spared destruction. This is what happens to territories ruzzians occupy – they kill and destroy. Yet, from time to time, leaders of other countries appeal to Ukraine to make peace with ruzzia and agree to putin’s demands. After 10 months of atrocities against humanity, after Mariupol and Bucha and hundreds of other cities, towns and villages that ruzzians terrorized and ruined there are those who believe that giving in to the demands of terrorists can lead to peace! Peace is possible only if ruzzia loses this war and gets demilitarized. Regarding missiles, they are “demilitarizing” at quite a fast pace – considering the massive missile strikes they make on Ukraine.

81 days left till spring…

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