12/11/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Dreaming dreams

From Lyuda (Day 291): Dear brothers and sisters,
We send you our greetings. Our weekends are always busy. Yesterday morning I attended a webinar on trauma which was taught by a professor of one of Ukrainian universities. I met other psychologists who are scattered all over Ukraine and Europe, but who are so determined to help people in trauma.

Yesterday night there was a big attack on Odessa region and some important high voltage lines were destroyed. The big city of Odessa which has not fully recovered from the previous attacks is having a blackout again.

Tanya’s birthday

In our town we had electricity all day yesterday but it was turned off at night.
We had our group meeting yesterday, every week we have new people who join our group. But some people leave and travel to other places. Yesterday we talked about their week, they shared their news. We also celebrated Tanya’s birthday. Then people talked about their dreams.

Sergey, the man from Nikolayev, told about his hobbies. He loves gardening and he has plans to plant new trees to his garden in Nikolayev after the Victory. Maria’s husband is seriously ill, she hopes he won’t die and live till Victory. She wants him to see the Victory.

Lena from Kherson will go back to her school where she was teaching, she understands that it will not be the same, the school building is partially destroyed by shelling and it will take time to renovate it. But she wants to come back. Svetlana misses her home and she wants to do her usual work in the yard and in the garden. They all miss their family members who are far away.

Some day their dreams will come true and we will live a peaceful life again.
We wish you a good worship day!
In Christ,

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