12/11/2022 – Tucker Carlson is putin’s megaphone

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (290th day of ruzzian invasion): If you don’t read the long post, here is the short version of it: Tucker Carlson is megaphone for ruzzian propaganda.

I wasn’t going to comment on this. It seemed too obvious of a ruzzian propaganda for anyone to believe. Still, since a few of my American friends are asking about “persecution of Christians” in Ukraine by Zelensky I guess I have to comment. Tucker Carlson is putin’s megaphone. He is transmitting a load of ruzzian propaganda and this is not the first time since the invasion started or even before. No doubt he is on putin’s payroll.

As someone who lives and works in Ukraine I can tell you there is no persecution of Christians in Ukraine. In fact Ukraine has been the country with the most religious freedom among all former Soviet Union countries since it became indepedent.

As ruzzian propaganda and tucker carlsons of this world work, they twist facts and make ridiculous statements. As Nazi propagandist Goebbels suggested, “the more outrageous the lie, the easier people will fall for it”. It seems to still work.

The fact that is getting twisted are the searches that have been done in ruzzian orthodox church in a few cities of Ukraine lately. Ruzzian orthodox church has always been known for its extreme corruption. From Soviet times till now priest especially at the higher ranks are often agents of KGB/FSB. They have been serving Soviet and ruzzian regimes (not God) faithfully. During recent searches in some of these churches, a lot of pro-ruzzian/anti-Ukrainian propaganda materials, ruzzian military food packages and other evidence of active cooperation with ruzzian invaders have been found. These searches are not a persecution of Christians – they are not Christians, they are imposters. This is a much-needed identification of ruzzian undercover agents who have been undermining out country for a long time.

Ukrainian Christians are arrested, tortured and killed on territories occupied by ruzzians. But in the rest of Ukraine churches are strong and growing, work together, partnering between denominations to serve and help communities in these difficult times.

Please, do not believe ruzzian propaganda, even if it comes from your favorite TV channel.

80 days left till spring…

4 responses to “12/11/2022 – Tucker Carlson is putin’s megaphone”

  1. Tucker Carlson is NOT on my favorite channel (I consider network news as so much “blah, blah, blah”). I don’t look for news from the mainstream media. I trust this blog and missionaries that I know. Thankfully, I can get suitable prayer requests from both!


  2. I am shocked! I don’t watch TV or much news but how in the world can Tucker Carlson come up with this is beyond me. I thought he was a fair journalist. This really makes me MAD, and yet sorrowful too, that the TRUTH is not getting out enough. 😭 😭😭

    I will do my part by forwarding this to my friends.


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