12/12/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Praying for soldiers

FromLyuda (Day 292): Dear brothers and sisters, Our day was good, we had a nice worship. There was no electricity most of the day. We started our worship with generator but in the middle of the worship the electricity appeared and we could turn on the heating.

We have a new drummer- Denis, in our music group. Yesterday was his first time on our stage. He is very shy but we hope as he gets to know people in the church better he will be more open.

There were new people in the church, they were elderly people and as I was talking to them after they worship they asked if we can help them with food. One man of pension age was probably a teacher in the past, I thought about it paying attention to his body language and how he was dressed.
We plan to make more food bags and we will be able to help elderly people in our community.

It was good that Ivan and Dr. Anya were with us yesterday. They don’t always get to be in church on Sunday. Ivan always shares his faith with the soldiers and invites them to the church and from time to time we see soldiers who come to worship with us.

Yesterday a military man was sitting in the back. When I came to talk to him after the worship he was friendly but very agitated. He introduced himself as Daniel. Each time when somebody passes us as we talked he reacted turning to that direction with protective movements. He talked with short sentences in a low voice and it was vivid that there was something on his mind he could not stop thinking about. Ivan told me later that he is from special task force. In the last battle he lost almost all his friends.
My thoughts are about many soldiers like him who need special help and about many-many soldiers who will need our help, care and very special attention when the war is over. We need to be ready for it now and then, ready as a church, ready as specialists who do counseling and ready as a society.
Please, pray for our soldiers and for us to be accepting, patient and loving as we see their traumas.
In Christ,

4 responses to “12/12/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Praying for soldiers”

  1. For conselors: it may help soldiers to study the life and psalms of David, who was a soldier and wrote many psalms when pursued by Saul, some while going out to fight the Philistines, (Ps 54-63) often wondering if God had forgotten him, if his troubles would ever end (but see Psalm 18 “written when God had delivered him from all his enemies”)


  2. Heavenly Father, bring peace to these soldiers undergoing so much trauma. Thank you, God, for these people who are willing to console and counsel them during this rough time.


  3. We are praying for the soldiers and for those who minister to them and to refugees in need. May His Everlasting arms carry you through these challenging days.


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