Crates For Ukraine Winter – REGISTRATION IS OPEN

Registration is officially OPEN for the CFU Winter Crisis Response

To find our more or to register your participation, visit

To watch a zoom update from Lviv (with Doug Shepherd) explaining the basics of CFU Winter edition, click this link. 

How is this current CFU initiative different from the summer 2022 CFU project?

  • The key difference for the winter CFU initiative is that we no longer need couriers to fly crates to Poland. All crates will be delivered to either Dallas or Chattanooga. We have (2) partner shipping companies that are helping us collect, palletize, fly and deliver aid to Lviv. These companies are providing their services to us for free!
  • We have updated and revised our supply lists to include some winter supplies and other items requested by the Ukrainian Church.
  • We are using a different plastic bin for our crates (due to the fact that crates are no longer checked on commercial flights).

The needs in Ukraine are urgent. Thanks for your interest and prayerful consideration.

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