12/15/2022 – Adapting

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (295th day of ruzzian invasion): It’s amazing how adaptable people can be! Over a month ago after ruzzian missile strikes damaged our infrastructure to the point that blackouts became a routine thing, people in Kyiv moaned when it was announced that there would be daily scheduled blackouts. Then there were more strikes and schedules didn’t work – power went off at random times. Recently a new schedule of blackouts was announced that shows in white color – hours when we should definitely have power, in dark gray – when we definitely don’t have power and light gray when it can be either way. Having a schedule now feels like a relief – you can somewhat plan your day! So this second announcement of blackout schedule (even though it guarantees only 4-6 hours of power) was met not with moans but with approval. We can face any hardship, as long as it’s according to schedule!!! 🙂

75 days left to spring…

2 responses to “12/15/2022 – Adapting”

  1. That is good to have a plan! I’m praying for Ukraine–may God show mercy with even the small things during these 75 days!


  2. Thank you, Maia, for sharing about the way people in Kyiv have adapted to the power outages. I’m so impressed by your power company and the phenomenal work they are doing in the current unimaginably difficult context. Great to see how they are communicating with their subscribers. “We can face any hardship, as long as it’s according to schedule!!!” Such a great quote!


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