12-15-2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Helping Ukrainians in France

From Lyuda (Day 295): Dear brothers and sisters, Our day is cold and rainy today. We are going to the church and we hope that rain will not stop our plans today. We plan to have a Bible study and our youth group will meet in the evening.

Some district of our town have electricity outages more often than others. Our church is located in a densely populated area, where there are a lot of apartment buildings and the level of consumption of electricity is high. So there are only few hours of electricity during the day and we use the generator a lot.

The situation with electricity is very difficult in Odessa.

I talked to Roman yesterday and we were discussing our work with children and teenagers who live in the reality of the war. We have a tendency to pay more attention to the emotional problems of adults and don’t give much attention to children and teenagers who are very vulnerable. Roman found some resources that he can use in his ministry in Awana club and we can also use it with the refugee kids and Sunday school children.

Our counselors Vova and Angela live in Montpellier, France now. They do counseling with the Ukrainian refugees there and they work online with soldiers and their families in Ukraine. For a long time they tried to organize a support group and were looking for a place to meet.

We prayed for their efforts. Finally they found the place, some charitable organization let them use their office and Angela gathered women that she works with there. This is what she writes about them: “ I want to tell about a support group for women that I organized here in Montpellier, France.

There are a lot of refugees from Ukraine in our town. 16 women came to the first group meeting. Women are lost, disoriented, have no communication. Many suffer from the loneliness and pain that they keep inside. Lots of fears, lots of worries. uncertainty of the future.

Every woman has her own tragic experience. They tell how they ran away from the war with their children. But they felt so well being in the group and by the end of our meeting they were more relaxed and even smiling.”

Vova and Angela also organized a prayer group. Six people came to pray together and they hope that more and more people will join them.

Please pray for our work in Ukraine and in France.

In Christ,
P.S. The photos of Vova and Angela’s ministry in France

3 responses to “12-15-2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Helping Ukrainians in France”

  1. Thank you, Lyuda, for telling us about the ministry in France. God is really good! May He continue to bless the work among these hurting refugee women!


  2. We will pray for the work in France, as we pray for you in Ukraine. Praying for wisdom for all as you minister to children and youth displaced because of the war.


  3. Thank you, Lyuda. So good to learn more about your and Roman’s ministry to children and teens as well as Vova and Angela’s ministry in Montpellier. I was really touched to see the pictures of the meeting of the women that Angela is working with. May the Lord grant daily wisdom and strength to you, Roman, Vova, Angela and the others on your counselling team. And may he use you all in significant ways in the lives of those you counsel.


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