12/17/2022 – 7 more attacks then spring

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (297th day of ruzzian invasion): Update. Just when I posted this, an air raid started in Kyiv again.

Yesterday was Briana’s 9th month birthday. Yesterday was also 9th massive missile strike on Ukraine since Oct, when ruzzians started systematically targeting our infrastructure. Yesterday ruzzians threw 76 missiles at us. Thankfully 60 were shot by our air defense, but of course, a lot of damage was done again.

Kyiv was attacked with a record number of missiles – 40. Only 3 of those hit the targets, but that was enough to leave us without power, water, heat and cell phone connection starting 9am. The water came back on late at night. We got power for a few hours starting at 5am. Still no heat. Thankfully it’s +3C outside and the temperature in our apartment is getting colder but slowly. Praying for heat to come soon. Our city services are doing heroic work to restore infrastructure as quickly as possible after every barbaric strike.

73 days left to spring… If ruzzia continues to strike us every 10 days as they have been so far, we just need to survive 7 more strikes and then spring will bring warmer weather.

Screenshot in this post shows the information on the previous 8 massive missile strikes. Grey fields inform how many missiles were shot that day, green – how many missiles were destroyed by our anti-missile defense, red line indicates the effectiveness of our anti-missile defense in %.

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