12/18/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda: Dear brothers and sisters,
We are doing well and thank God for His love and protection. Yesterday morning we heard two loud sounds of explosions and we knew that it was the work of our air defense, because when they destroy the rockets in the air the land doesn’t shake, just a loud sound. It’s strange but my neighbors said they heard three sounds and we heard only two. Later in the net we saw the photo of the fragments of one of the rockets that fell somewhere here. It’s amazing that during these months no rocket fell on our town, though many things were coming here. By the grace of God our air defense destroy them all. Many buildings are destroyed in our beach zone that is 30 km away but God keeps us safe.

Our support group met yesterday and we were glad to have new people. We always start with introductions, greetings and people share the news of their week. Then we talked about Christmas.

In our culture people are so much concentrated on traditions, on food and on other things that true meaning of Christmas is often left out. After they shared how they usually celebrate this wonderful holiday we read Scripture and talked about the meaning of all the events of Christmas story.

After the meeting one man from the group asked about Bible, I gave him my Bible to read this week and at our next meeting we will make gifts for everybody including Bibles.

Sergey visited a family from our church who were refugees in 2014, they came to our town from Donetsk. They both are disabled in wheelchairs. They met here, got married and their little daughter was born four years ago. It’s hard for them to travel to the church so Sergey visits them at home. They are always looking forward to Sergey’s visit and have many questions. Yesterday they talked about family communication.

We wish you a good worship day.
In Christ,

P.S. The photo of the fragments of one of the rockets that was destroyed in our sky, and the photos of the tent in Odessa where people can warm up, charge their gadgets and have some tea.

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