12/20/2022 – A note from a soldier

Admin: this is a Facebook repost by Odesa Pastor George Kadian from a soldier and member of the Odesa church. The post received many responses, but I copied Pastor George’s response since he is mentioned in the post. The post is translated from Ukrainian.

From Serafym Gordienko: Almost a year of a full-scale war that has already taken the lives of a third of friends, colleagues and brothers.

I remember the morning of the 24th, the train from Lviv on Kyiv Zhytomyr region, rips, rips.

  • Going through Gostomel!

On the train, I only dreamed of dying not in it, but in Kyiv with guns in my hands and next to my brothers.

Then the term “survival” for me personally fluctuated about one week. This was more than acceptable.


Announced by Russians “surrounding the group near Donetsk”, “breakthrough and taking in the boiler of the triangle of Avdos-Piski-Marinka”.

Without hesitation, together with Sashko we are going to the epicenter, to the big Santa. Our prospect for that time is a month of fighting, then death by shell or attempted capture and self-immolation on a grenade. Let’s agree that the perspective is so good.

My own band. Cars , mortars , drones. Tablets, starlings, armor. A million volunteers in the contact book. Gratitude is a way of life.

Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • sorry, we only take from 21, the directive of gš from June!

Another miracle – designation by the order of the head of the gš, approval of the lists of the chief commander. Bureaucracy, papers, swamped rear muzzles in Soviet training centers.

Studying in Britain, “the best commander of the department”))

Finally. Marine corps, casual combat, East. A native home for a man who happily lives on the whims of cunning Fatum.

you are here ))

And when it’s time when you can draw certain conclusions on what you felt and lived, I would like to thank all those without whom this story would look much more boring.

To the long-suffering and beloved parents – for everything.

Олександр Мєняйлов – for the fighting brotherhood, faith in my sick fantasy and desperation to realize it together.

Олег Борей – for friendship, rank, brotherhood and moments shared.

Євген Карать – for vector, support, brothers and adventures)

Volodymyr Rehesha Santa – for the best times next to the heroes.

George Kadyan – for prayers, deeds and example.

Ksyusha Alexeeva – a miracle).

And to everyone I didn’t name, but who I won’t forget.

To all who will remain in the hearts, and with whom we will meet in the circle of the Lord God.


P.S. In the face of constant combat work, my group urgently needs “working horses” of this war, DJI Mavic 3. If there is a desire to make poiêmno us, and the occupiers – corpses, welcome.

From Pastor George: СДН! Дякую Богові, що можу допогати героям як ти. Слава Христу! Слава Україні!

S D N! I think God that I can help heroes like you. Glory be to Christ! Glory to Ukraine!

One response to “12/20/2022 – A note from a soldier”

  1. I cannot even imagine being on the front lines and facing the enemy and dying colleagues. May God have mercy on the Ukraine militia!


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