12/20/2022 – War update and commentary: Robbed of their childhood

From Jamie Peipon: Based on this picture, it looks like at least some Ukrainian soldiers have received the winter kit that many countries had pledged to send. The deep freeze has yet to happen, but the temperature in Kreminna area is supposed to be hovering around freezing over the next several days. The russian soldiers reportedly have very little winter gear which which will continue to drive russian morale ever lower. Most of the military news has been about explosions somewhere in russia-occupied territory beyond the front lines. This was the same type of news we heard for a month before Kherson was liberated. Hopefully, once things freeze over and there is solid ground, a new counter-offensive will be on its way.

Pictures emerged today of a little girl who is about eight-years-old. She made a homemade envelope with a Ukrainian flag on it, along with all the normal sparkly things that an eight-year-old girl might use to decorate a handcrafted envelope to show that it is special. She saw some Ukrainian soldiers in her city and handed it off to them. In it, the soldiers found 500 Ukrainian Hryvnias (about $13) and a note which read, “I’m so thankful to you. I want you all to get home soon. Ukraine’s armed forces will win! If it weren’t for you, we would already be dead. I’m so, so thankful to you.” With Christmas less than a week away, Ukrainian children are giving away their pocket money, counting their blessings, and are contemplating the fact that they might not have made it to this Christmas alive. They’ve been robbed of their childhood.

Today, putin (president), Shoigu (defense minister), and Lavrov (minister of foreign affairs) were all three in Minsk, Belarus. This seems like a pretty significant overture towards Belarus. Since February of 2021, there have been thirteen official meetings between putin and Belarus’ president Lukashenko. He is often seen as putin’s “lap dog” and one of the reasons why is because every single one of those meetings that they’ve had since Feb. 2021 has been in russia. He is generally summoned to moscow to receive marching orders. That’s what makes this meeting a little more interesting. There have been all kinds of rumors flying about what it means. Some are claiming new attacks on Kyiv are being prepared from Belarus. Others are saying that there will be an official “union” (a “Soviet Union” perhaps?) between the two countries. Others are saying that this is all an effort to get Belarus directly involved in the war. No official information has been released and there really isn’t a lot of use speculating. Ukraine, however, is aware of all these possibilities and has already said they are ready for whatever might happen next.

Shoigu was also recently seen in some video that was released that purported to show him at the front lines. Online geolocators, however, had a field day with it and have geolocated the video to Crimea and still a great distance from the actual front lines of the war. This genre of video has a very staged, North Korean type of vibe: lots of b-roll leaders looking serious and as if they are in the midst of making important decisions. They just look completely staged, and the fact that they aren’t being filmed in the places russia is claiming certainly casts doubt on the entirety of their content.

In Bakhmut, the situation continues to be difficult. However, there are reports that Ukraine has gained some ground back after after a few days of reports saying that russia had made some progress. There do not appear to have been any major changes to the front lines there. It is pretty interesting that this is where russia is concentrating as much of their forces as possible and, even while Ukraine is spreading their defenses over hundreds of miles from the Belarussian border all the way through eastern Ukraine and down to the southern regions, russia is still failing miserably at taking this small town.

“And ye, beneath life’s crushing load,
whose forms are bending low,
who toil along the climbing way
with painful steps and slow,
look now! for glad and golden hours
come swiftly on the wing:
O rest beside the weary road
and hear the angels sing.”

2 responses to “12/20/2022 – War update and commentary: Robbed of their childhood”

  1. May the truth come to light! “If I say, “Surely the darkness will cover me,” even the night shall be light about me. . . . the night shines as the day” to our Almighty Father! (Psalm 139)


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