12/21/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: The President visits soldiers in Bakhmut

From Lyuda (Day 301): Dear brothers and sisters, This week is so special because everything around speaks about Christmas and though we don’t see as many decorations as we used to see at Christmas there is still a special feeling of holiday.
The café where we have breakfasts for refugees was crowded yesterday. More people came to town looking for warm places to stay for winter. There are people from liberated territories whose houses were ruined.

Alexandra and Nikolay came from Kherson area. When there were fights in their village, all the windows of the house were broken. The roof of their house was also damaged. They lived in that state from summer and decided to leave for winter. They are glad to meet other people from Kherson area and they are glad to be in the group and have fellowship with other people. We invited them to come to the church.

About fifty people came for charitable breakfast yesterday and we had good talks with some of them.

A stunning news for us yesterday was a visit of our president to Bakhmut, the city where the most fierce battles are taking place. The enemy is desperately but unsuccessfully trying to capture this city. President Zelensky visited our soldiers to encourage and support them.

These are his words: “You protect our country and our peace at the cost of your life, can’t we take at least some risk to support you and thank you”.

We had a wonderful time with our grandchildren in Zoom yesterday. Because of the difference in time we could talk to them only at the weekends as they are at school on weekdays and when they come home we are in bed. Yesterday we talked to them and prayed together and exchanged many good stories.

We wish you a good day and a special Christmas mood.
In Christ,

P.S. There photos of our president in Bakhmut, the photo of the ruined building in Kherson area and the photos of our breakfast yesterday.

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