12/24/2022 – When we suffer, we especially feel His presence

The artist Irenaeus Yurchuk.

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (304th day of ruzzian invasion): Christmas Eve in Ukraine looks different this year, but it’s still Christmas Eve.

God is always present and close to us, but when we suffer, we especially feel His presence. God didn’t abandon Ukraine. He is with us during the air raids and bombings, in basements of ruined houses, in bomb shelters, in cold and dark apartments, and in trenches with our defenders. He is with those who are longing for liberation on occupied territories and with those who were forcefully deported to ruzzia. He is with millions of Ukrainian refugees scattered around the world. He is with families that are separated by war and with families who are grieving the loss of loved ones. He is with our children who jump with fright from loud sounds. He is in the classrooms that have been moved to the bomb shelters.

The darkness didn’t overcome us and never will. God is with us. In God, we have Hope; God will give us Victory and Peace. He even gives us Joy amid the horrors of war. It’s a different kind of joy; it’s quieter, it’s mixed with sorrow and tears, and it’s not pumped up by the usual brightness and colors of Christmas lights and decorations. But we still have it.

May your Christmas Eve be filled with Joy, Peace, Hope, Love and Light!

The painting in this post is called Nativity 2022. The artist Irenaeus Yurchuk.

4 responses to “12/24/2022 – When we suffer, we especially feel His presence”

  1. Dear Maia,
    Merry Christmas!!
    May the joy of the LORD continue to be your strength!
    Thank you for your posts and your thoughts.
    Love in Christ,


  2. Merry Christmas! An old gospel song says, “This joy of mine, the world can’t take it away!” Thank you, Jesus, that You give the joy that the enemy can’t destroy!


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