12/29/2022 – Missile attacks…

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (308th day of ruzzian invasion): At 6am, we woke up with the sirens of air raid. Since October, this was the 10th massive missile attack on our infrastructure. It didn’t come as a surprise, we had expected it since Christmas Eve. Attacks happen with intervals of 7-14 days, the last one was on Dec 16th. We also expected it to be one of the biggest to terrorize us before Christmas or New Year’s. In our part of the world where the Soviet Union tried to replace Christmas with New Year celebration, people are still seeing New Year’s Eve as one of the biggest holidays of the year.

There were 69 missiles today, 54 of them were shot by our air defense. It was not the biggest attack as we expected. Maybe it’s a sign that ruzzians are running out of these expensive missiles. We keep hearing there are enough for 2-3 more attacks, but we are hearing it after every strike so we are not optimistic about those predictions. In any case, ruzzians will run out of those missiles sooner or later. Western sanctions limit their ability to produce many new ones. Ruzzians need western technology for the production of those missiles.

16 rockets were targeting Kyiv today, and ALL of those were shot on approach! The loud explosions we heard this morning were the sound of our anti-missile defense shooting those rockets in the air. The debris of one of those rockets fell on private house and destroyed it completely. It was in our region of Kyiv and that explosion set off the car alarms in cars parked near our building.

Thank you for your prayers for God’s protection. We still have cell service, water, and heat, and electricity is given by schedule for a few hours at a time.

62 days left till spring…

The photo in this post is by photographer Vladislav Musienko. People are sitting on the stairs of a subway escalator during a missile attack. Our subway serves as one of the bomb shelters.

3 responses to “12/29/2022 – Missile attacks…”

  1. Dear Maia,
    Thank you for the update!
    Praying the Russians run out of missiles!
    Also, praying the Lord brings an end to this war soon!
    Love in Christ,


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