12/30/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Our enemies can destroy…, but they cannot destroy our holiday mood and our determination

Photo that Sergey made of a cloud in the sky left after the rocket was destroyed.

From Lyuda (Day 210): Dear brothers and sisters, We thank God for His love and protection. Yesterday there was another massive attack and more than 120 rockets were launched to Ukraine. The air alarm lasted 5 hours. Our air defense destroyed about 21 rockets over Odessa region. We heard the sounds of explosion and saw flashes in our sky. Several rockets that were heading to our town were destroyed and we saw it, Sergey even made a photo of a cloud in the sky that was left after the destruction of the rocket.

There were some hits in Odessa that added to the difficulty that people have with electricity there. But the hardworking electrical engineers in Odessa created a system of connection and reconnection of the city districts to each other, so the damaged areas still can have some hours of electricity during the day. My friend from Odessa told me that if you look out of the window at night, you will see the light in some windows of the districts where electricity was given at night. You can see people in the windows who don’t sleep and use these hours with electricity to cook and do some other things that need electricity.

I talked to Vika and Roman, our counselors, they were pretty optimistic. We all got used to the problems with electricity and learned to plan our work and life in such a way so that everything can be quickly done while we have light in our homes. Our enemies can destroy some objects of our infrastructure but they cannot destroy our holiday mood and our determination to live and work despite everything.

Yesterday a group of our local folk musicians came to our defense center where we make camouflage coverings to make a party and encourage us in our work.

We sang Ukrainian folk songs and had a very good time. I talked to the musicians and they told me that they want to serve the refugees, so next week we will meet to discuss the party for the refugees.

We had a very effective Bible study yesterday. We studied the second chapter of the gospel of Mathew and had good discussions. It’s so nice that more and more refugees come to worship with us on Sunday. This coming Sunday we are going to have the Lord’s Supper and Sergey explained the meaning of this sacrament.

The year is coming to its end and as we think of the main events of the year we thank God for His wonderful work that He has done in the hearts of the people with whom He has brought us together this year.
In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of our Bible study with the refugees, the party at the local defense center and the photo that Sergey made of a cloud in the sky left after the rocket was destroyed

4 responses to “12/30/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Our enemies can destroy…, but they cannot destroy our holiday mood and our determination”

  1. Heavenly Father, thank You for your protection of these Ukraine citizens. You said that You will build Your church and the gates of hell will NOT prevail against it. And it is so here in Ukraine! Praise Your name!


  2. Always praying for all of you in Ukraine! Ukrainians are very innovative and resilient! May God free Ukrainian this coming year!


  3. Love how you had music, protection and made such beautiful Christmas tree out of camaflogue. Amazing! The doves reminded me of the Holy Spirit and the topper, Crown of Christ. So happy to see God’s daily mercy!!


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