12/31/2022 – Our last night’s sleep was interrupted again by air raid

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (309th day of ruzzian invasion): Our last night’s sleep was interrupted again by air raid at 2:12am, which lasted for two hours. The sound of a siren always seems louder and more disturbing when it wakes you up from deep sleep. After a while, we heard a few explosions that we identified as an anti-missile defense. We are not experts but we think we can tell the difference between a missile hitting the ground and a missile being hit in the air. I tried to check the news a few times, but there was no internet and no mobile internet either. Eventually, we found out that it was a drone attack. All drones were shot in the air but debris again damaged some buildings.

As I am writing, 40 drones are in the air, though at this point the air raid map shows only eastern regions on high alert.

The last few days of this year are not that different from the previous 309 days of the war – at least the circumstances of ongoing threats, danger, and news about life losses and destruction caused by invaders. But our attitude towards those circumstances has evolved – from fear to annoyance and anger. We still trust God for protection as we did in the first days of the war.

The photo in this post is from Lviv. I think it symbolizes our resilience and resistance. Life prevails!

61 days left till spring.

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