1/1/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: New Year’s reflections

Destroyed electrical station in Odesa

From Lyuda (Day 312): Dear brothers and sisters, Happy New Year!
The last day of 2022 was hard for Ukraine, the day started with an air alarm and the rockets were flying all over Ukraine. Many people in Kiev stayed in metro. And again we saw ruins, destruction, deaths and wounded people all over Ukraine.

We spent almost all day in the church yesterday. Sergey was preparing for Sunday worship and I was preparing surprises for our youth. The day was warm and sunny but it didn’t look nice because of constant alarms.

The evening was fun. It’s so nice to be with young people who are always so positive. We are glad that some refugees joined the group.

And we were glad to see Veronika (the blond girl in the photo). She attended our church few years ago but then she was lost and didn’t come. She came yesterday but all the time she was sad and quiet. It is vivid that something is going on with her. But it’s good that she came. Each time I was taking photos she turned away.

I prepared a scavenger hunt game for them and they were running all over the church building competing with each other to find “the treasure”, which was the verses from the Scripture that will be a good guidance for them in the new year.

Then we came home, had tea and cake with our parents and had a call from our grandchildren. They always bring us so much joy.

As we looked back on the past year which was very hard for all people in Ukraine, Sergey and I admitted that there were so many good things in spite of the war. So many people visited our church and many of them began to come regularly. People in the church including our youth started to take their ministry very seriously. We started new ministries. The work of our counseling center became so intensive and showed how our counselors are devoted in serving people. God sent us volunteers and a new psychologist just a week ago. We thank God for everything He does in our lives.

We wish you a good year and many blessings.
In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of the scavenger hunt game and the photo of destroyed electrical substation in Odessa

4 responses to “1/1/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: New Year’s reflections”

  1. I thank the Lord that you had joy in the midst of trial! So glad that the youth enjoyed the evening activities and that your church provided them! May God bless your counseling ministry in the days to come!


  2. Yes. Such bitter events. Destruction, evil, death, mayhem. displacement. Yet in the midst of it see God’s hand or protection, presence. Provision! Wonderful to see God’s hand of mercy in the midst of it. Bringing new life. I’m so thank for this blog, to know what’s going on, so I know how to pray, see God’s GOODNESS!


  3. A very blessed New Year to you, Lyuda, Sergey and your church family! Praise God that he has brought good fruit in many lives through these very difficult, devastating past 10 months. Thank you for your updates which are so informative and helpful for your prayer partners. May the Lord bring peace in Ukraine in this new year. May he, the God of hope, fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope! Romans 15:13  With love in Christ, Elizabeth


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