1/6//2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: The church in Kherson

From Lyuda (Day 317): Dear brothers and sisters, This Christmas season we think a lot about love and about the price God has paid revealing His love to us.

It’s always been hard for us to love each other. Our country was torn apart by political wars for so long. Some people aspired back to the Soviet Union, others wanted to go forward, but there were also many disagreements about which way to go. It was hard for us to love our country, where the law practically did not work, where there was so much corruption. It was hard to love our neighbors, who only think about their own comfort. Even in church it is very difficult to love people who come to the church with the habits and rules by which they live in this world.

We talked about love during our church prayer one evening and with a surprise many of us admitted that this war, with all its horrors, teaches us to love taking us through suffering and the outburst of mixed feelings of pain and hatred. To love differently. Now in this time of turmoil, we notice with surprise that we love our country for what it is. We love people around and are ready to accept them with all their problems, we forgive those we used to have problems with because our conflicts have faded into the background when we see how fragile human life can be.
“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another” John 13:34

The good news of this week is about one more church in Kherson that received a generator from us. This is the Presbyterian church that survived the occupation of the city. The church could not meet during the occupation, it was too dangerous. Many people had to leave the city.

Church In Kherson

The leaders who stayed took care of the elderly members, visiting them and providing them with food. When the city was liberated some church members came back and they started worshipping.

Now it will be more comfortable for them with the generator. Thank you for your donations, it is so important now when it’s winter to have electricity, to be able to make hot drinks, heat the room where people meet and have light during the dark time of the day.

We had a Bible study yesterday and we continued to study the gospel of Mathew, we also read some chapters from the gospel of John. There is an atmosphere of joy and peace each time we meet. I am glad that Stanislav was with us, it’s good that he is seeking. I pray for the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and open the truth for him.
Love in Christ,

There are photos of the church in Kherson that received a generator this week.

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