1/6/2023 – Ben Hodges: Ukraine will liberate Crimea in 2023 (VIDEO)

From Euromaisen Press: Ben Hodges, the former commanding general of the U.S. Army in Europe, tells Euromaidan Press when exactly Ukraine will liberate Crimea, why the Russian-occupied peninsula is a trap rather than a fortress, and what strategic value the control over Crimea has. Speaking to the Kyiv-based journalist, Ben Hodges explains why he is not impressed with the mobilization in Russia and whether a Russian nuclear escalation is possible. The former commander of the US Army in Europe reveals what weapons Ukraine needs to win and when there will be the right time for Ukraine to enter negotiations with Russia. Hodges also tells why he does not believe that the dictator of Belarus Lukashenko will choose to “be handcuffed to a corpse, which is the Russian Federation” and order his army to invade Ukraine. Finally, Hodges dwells on the Battle of Bakhmut and tells what may cause internal tensions inside Kremlin that will make Russian leaders start eating themselves. Interview by Serge Havrylets for Euromaidan Press.

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