1/9/2024 – War in Ukraine has another front line: the classroom

Destroyed buildings and electricity blackouts are hampering Ukrainian schooling — but there’s also an ideological war playing out.

From bombs to blackouts to displacement to occupation, millions of Ukrainian children and young adults face an education interrupted | Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty images

BY LILY HYDE (Politico): KYIV — When the Russians first came to the school where Larysa taught history in southeastern Ukraine, they asked for all the history and Ukrainian language textbooks.

The director refused to hand them over.

The school closed — but then reopened virtually on September 1, with up to 80 percent of its 700 pupils attending online. More than half of them remain in occupied Berdiansk in Zaporizhzhia region, said Larysa, who left in April for the Odesa region.

“Some go to Russian school and do homework with us,” she said. “We do all we can to make it incognito. We deleted all electronic lists, never put up any photos or screenshots or write names.”

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