1/10/2023 – Gratitude to Ukraine: Security, Freedom, Democracy, Courage, Pluralism, Perseverance, Generosity

Carnegie Hall, 4 December 2022

Timothy Snyder: Debts are awkward, especially debts of gratitude. When we owe others too much, we can find it hard to express our appreciation. If we are not reflective, we might minimize our debt, or simply forget it. If we think highly of ourselves, we might ignore a debt to someone we regard as less important. In the worst case, we can resent the people who have helped us, and portray them in a negative light, just to avoid the feeling that we, too, are vulnerable people who sometimes need a helping hand.

Americans (and many others) owe Ukrainians a huge debt of gratitude for their resistance to Russian aggression. For some mixture of reasons, we have difficulty acknowledging this. To do so, we have to find the words. Seven that might help are: security, freedom, democracy, courage, pluralism, perseverance, and generosity….

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3 responses to “1/10/2023 – Gratitude to Ukraine: Security, Freedom, Democracy, Courage, Pluralism, Perseverance, Generosity”

  1. I’ve listened to all of Dr. Snyder’s History of Ukraine lectures. Very informative. This article is very insightful. I pray he is correct that Ukraine’s resistance will stop Russia and even China from further aggression. We so owe a debt to Ukraine. It is time for me to make another financial contribution to MTW Ukraine.

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