1/17/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: praying for a soldier

Sasha and Nadya

From Lyuda (Day 328): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday we received a very disturbing news. One of our refugees, Sasha, who joined the army, was badly wounded and is in intensive therapy now. Sasha and his wife Nadya are from Kherson. I’ve already written about that brave family with five children.

When Kherson became occupied during the first days of the war, Sasha made a decision to take his family out of the occupied zone. It was very risky, they made several attempts on their car to leave but the checkpoints didn’t allow them to go through. They tried to sneak out at night going through the fields where there were no roads. But they were noticed and fired upon. It’s good that bullets didn’t hurt them, only damaged their car a little. It didn’t stop Sasha, he made another attempt going through the fields and finally crossed the occupation line.

They came to our town in the beginning of summer and after the family was settled, Sasha joined the army and was sent to the training center where he was learning to become a combat paramedic. A month ago he finished his training and went to the war zone. Yesterday his wife, Nadya received the message that Sasha was seriously wounded and taken to hospital in Dnipro. Nadya went to be with him.

This family is very special. They were the first to start coming to the church and participate in Bible study. Nadya shared how she started to pray. Her children who are teenagers joined our youth group. They all are very hard-working and are wonderful helpers. Nadya easily found a job because she was not picky and was ready to do any work.

Please, pray for Sasha, for his recovery.
In our group of refugees there are people whose relatives are now in the war zones or live in the occupied territory. Please, pray for them.

The situation with electricity is still hard. There are districts in our town where they have few hours of electricity once in two days. There is no electricity in our church most of the time during the day. But we have already lived through the half of winter and are looking forward to spring when the light part of the day will be longer.

May this day be blessed for us all.
In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of Sasha and Nadya and their children.

6 responses to “1/17/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: praying for a soldier”

  1. Dear Lyuda
    Praying for Sasha and his wife and children.
    So thankful his teens are in the youth group.
    May the Lord pull close this young generation. May the other teens draw near to the Lord as well and grow together in the pain with the love and presence of Jesus.

    Thank you for the pictures.
    Your sister


  2. Praying for healing and strength for Sasha and that the Lord will guide his care. May he recover without complications..p. Remembering the promise in John 14, my peace I give unto you.


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