1/19/2019 – Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine continues in war

From ERSU in Kyiv – On Monday began our January educational module in ersu. Our friend and regular lecturer Dr. Jonghoon Joo teaches Counseling and Pastoral Care to our four senior students again this week. Dr. Ju lived at Kyiv for several years and has personally taught for ERSU many times. He currently lives and teaches at the Chongshin Theological Seminary in Seoul, South Korea. Due to time difference, the doctor is lecturing for us this week until midnight his local time!

Also this week, ten of our 1st and 2nd year students after graduating from Greek last fall are now studying “Introduction to the New Testament,” skillfully taught by our colleague and YERSU staff member – Pastor Valery Zadorozhny. This will get students ready for New Testament courses this year, beginning with the Gospel in March.

Despite Russian rockets hitting infrastructure in our part of the city on Saturday and there were quite a few power outages daily, we were able to continue the learning process thanks to our sponsors and friends who provided us with a generator rum and Starlink satellite internet!

Thank you for your prayers.

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