1/19/2023 – Good morning World! Good morning Ukraine!

From EUROMAIDEN Press: Only sickly skinny dogs, hermits, and random passers-by remain in this city. Only soldiers with faded tired eyes – the last island with a spark of life.

They know how to fight for life and how to die. The city shudders from the shells landing nearby; doctors and medics chainsmoke, a thick coat of black smoke envelopes all.

This is a so-called stabilization point – professional doctors work tirelessly on the wounded soldiers and bring them back from the brink of death. “From 50 to 100 wounded per day”, says the surgeon.

He is covered in blood, but smiles and laughs. He says he’s 22, but he looks 10 years older. You don’t get any younger in a war.

“Heavy injury! Get out of the way! Make way, make way!” A naked body is on the operating table. In the trash bin in the grey corridor – an army jacket, caked in blood and soil.

“He’s alive, stable… get him on the evacuation bus!” He’s breathing heavily under the golden thermal blanket. Slow, loud breathing. This is definitely no place for prayers; no time as patients come and go on the operating table.

Doc laughs again and hugs me tightly: “I’ll see you soon probably.” I smile at him; there’s an invisible bond between us… and I know I’ll be back soon.

The city lives as long as we fight, Doc. Missiles and shells explode everywhere, but you’re still fighting.

Ukrainian photographer Julia Kochetova covering the work of combat medics of the 93rd Kholodny Yar Separate Mechanized Brigade, Hospitaliery and the Pyrohov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital.

3 responses to “1/19/2023 – Good morning World! Good morning Ukraine!”

  1. “Keep a calm mind; restrain the tongue.” — written by J.R.R.Tolkein in a letter to his son, in the midst of WW II

    “The utter stupid waste of war, not only material but moral + spiritual, is so staggering to those who have to endure it.” –J.R.R. Tolkein in a letter to his son [Prof. Tolkein had endured WW I, + now wrote to his son during WW II]


  2. “A killing pain shot through him…there was darkness before his eyes. He felt nothing but a desire to rest & a detatched amazement at finding his life so changed & shattered. He remembered how he had walked whole & uninjured…barely an hour ago & it seemed to him like some memory out of a distant, long-vanished past..
    ..He was cured, but..a great terror awoke in him…he could not shake himself free of it. He could not get up & run about as before..he felt terrified, ashamed, amazed & troubled by turns. Sometimes he was full of despair, at other times of joy.” — Felix Salen “Bambi: a life in the woods” pub. 1929, chapter 21


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