1/19/2023 – We will definitely find everyone who caused this terror

From Euromaiden Press: “We will definitely find everyone who caused this terror. Everyone involved in this and other missile attacks against Ukraine will be found and held to account,” Zelenskyy commented after hearing the report on the house destroyed by a Russian missile in Dnipro.

The debris dismantling and search and rescue operation is completed. It is known about 45 dead, including 6 children. 79 people received injuries of varying degrees of severity, including 16 children. In total, about 1700 people lived in this high-rise building. In the building, 230 apartments were damaged, 72 were completely destroyed.

“I instructed to simplify and speed up the provision of assistance to the victims so that people could start rebuilding their lives after this tragedy as soon as possible. We are carrying out an investigation to clarify all the circumstances and identify all those involved in this crime of Russia against civilians of Ukraine,” Zelenskyy added.

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