1/20/2023 – Blessings in ice?

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (329th day of ruzzian invasion): Traditionally on Jan 19th some people do this crazy thing – they dive into icy water somewhere in a river or lake where a hole made just for that in the ice. It’s Orthodox church’s commemoration of the baptism of Christ (not that John the Baptist had to make hole in Jordan for Christ’s baptism!). Unfortunately the ritual is done with true meaning of the event replaced with superstitious belief that somehow diving into ice pit blessed by priest will bring health for the whole year (that is if you don’t die of pneumonia after this adventure) and even wash away all sins! Putin does it every year in front of cameras for his population to see how pious he is. One has to wonder if he really believes that superstition?!

This year there is no jumping into icy water for Ukrainians. This has been incredibly mild and warm winter. Instead of our traditional -20C we have +10C today. That must be one of expressions of God’s mercy to us. In ruzzia however they are dealing with record low temperatures. In some areas in the north they see temperature dropping to -70C!

Just 41 days left till spring! Light will overcome Darkness!

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