1/22/2023 – A point for Christians to consider

First Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church of Odesa

From Randy Warren former MTW missionary: The situation in Ukraine is, at the moment, like a teeter-totter. Ukraine is managing to hold the line and inflict horrific casualties on the Russian forces. But the death of so many human beings is excluded as a factor in Putin’s cold calculations. He will put as many Russian boys in the meat grinder as necessary to defeat Ukraine. So he sends them to the slaughterhouse as easily as he sends missiles to murder civilians in Ukrainian cities. How can the world end this insanity?

I believe the answer to the question is to stop shilly-shallying over the question of sending the best western arms to Ukraine. With superior weapons, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are capable of launching offensive operations and handing Russia defeat on every front without exception. They can chase the occupiers out of Ukraine by the end of this year. This is how the slaughter can be stopped–only by handing Russia a decisive defeat.

If Putin is allowed to win the war because of Ukraine’s feckless friends in the West, Russia will occupy the entire country and be 800 miles closer to Berlin. So it is in Europe’s best interest now to push over a tottering Russia while the opportunity exists. Zelensky does not need a single American or European soldier in Ukraine. He only needs the tools which are sitting in our warehouses gathering dust.

I want to make a point for Christians to consider before closing. Ukraine is the most evangelical nation in Europe. They have sent out pastors to man pulpits throughout Russia, Europe, and other countries. Despite the poverty of Christians in Ukraine, they have built many solid churches influencing the world’s nations. Supporting Ukraine is a worthy cause, worthy of your prayers, your participation, and your financial support. May God bless the country and the people of Ukraine.

2 responses to “1/22/2023 – A point for Christians to consider”

  1. I am tempted to send this to my representatives. In fact, I will. Congress needs to push Biden to make this a priority. So far, he has been willing to aid Ukraine and work with other NATO members to do so as well. But we can do more! I will pray that God moves the hearts and minds of politicians to do what is right.


    • I received a response from Sen Warnock speaking directly to the situation in Ukraine – not just a form letter of “thank you for contacting me – blah, blah.” Well, it may be the letter he sends out to everyone expressing concern for Ukraine – I don’t know. The letter was very encouraging. He was very adamant about supporting Ukraine and making sure Congress does everything it can.

      Anyway, it was something.


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