1/22/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 333): Dear brothers and sisters,
Our day yesterday was sunny and warm. The sun was so bright that I put on my sunglasses. After cloudy days it was so nice to be outside and have a walk.

We had a group meeting yesterday and the emotional load of the week was vivid. People were down and not very talkative. Our topic yesterday was “forgiveness” and I let them be quiet, listen and think. A new family joined us and it was nice to meet and include them into our fellowship.

Tanya did an art therapy with a youth group. They were drawing their emotions, it helped them to express the feelings that they kept inside. Young people are more relaxed and seem to do better than the adult group.

We missed Nadya in the group. The news about her husband Sasha who has been wounded is not comforting. He is in Kiev hospital now, Nadya is there with him. I called Nadya this morning and she could not talk, she was crying, Sasha does not feel well. Please, pray for his healing.

Tanya will continue counseling with Natalie, mother of Vanya who died on the battle field. We keep contact with her. Natalie says that her daughter-in-law, Lena, also needs help. She lives with her little daughter Mira in Odessa and the hardest thing for her is going for a walk with her daughter. When Mira sees a man in a military uniform, she runs to him and yells “Daddy!”. Lena will decide what to choose, she can go for counseling with our counselors in Odessa or she can come to have counseling here and spend some time with Natalie and give Natalie the opportunity to be with her granddaughter.
In Christ,

One response to “1/22/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lyuda,
    I read your post this morning and then looked at the photos and began to cry! Oh the pain and suffering that you all are going through!
    It is so sad to think of little Mira running to soldiers thinking they are her father.
    On the positive side, it is so wonderful that the Christians have counselors and places to go for the hurting, for them to find their only hope is in Jesus.
    May the gospel bring much healing to the people of Ukraine!
    And may God soon bring an end to this war!
    Love in Christ,


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