1/25/2023 – Our brother, ‘S’

From Snezhana in Odesa: Today I want to tell you about our brother S who is from a small church in the northern part of Odesa. He was a successful software tester in an IT company before the full-scale Russian invasion. He entered the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the very first days of the war after he provided his wife and daughter with a safe passage across the border.

S was sent to one of the hottest spots on the front line a week ago. One soldier describes that location like this: “Now I know where the hell on the Earth is. It is in Bahmut. That’s a small town in the Donetsk area much desired by our enemy. So much that they spare neither strength nor weapons nor personnel.” You may have seen pictures of the fields littered with corpses of Russian soldiers in the news. That is Bahmut.

A few days ago, his wife got a message from her husband where he said, “I should have died yesterday. I was in a trench with my commander and another soldier. The explosions from the shelling were getting closer and closer, and I prayed that God would save me. Then I stood up and ran. One of the shells hit the trench I laid at.”

Our dearest friend got a contusion. One of his colleagues died immediately, the other – a few days later in the hospital.

Our church meets for an online prayer four times a week. We pray about each soldier, doctor, and paramedic at the front line. Some of them we know personally, some are people we heard. And we keep repeating their names sometimes without knowing who they are but hoping that our Lord Jesus knows them and will keep them safe.

P.S. Our brother successfully recovered from the contusion and was discharged from the hospital. This picture was made by S. after his returning into his unit.

4 responses to “1/25/2023 – Our brother, ‘S’”

  1. Praying for those on the front lines fighting and for those on the frontlines praying.

    “The chief exercise of faith is prayer”
    John Calvin


  2. Thank You, Jesus, for protecting S and hearing his prayer. Please protect these Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting so valiantly. Please give them peace. May their families and loved ones have peace. Amen.


  3. Snezhana, thank you for this word of encouragement and God’s grace to His people. I also (here in the US) have been praying for people whom I’ve never seen and may never meet, but God hears our prayers! Thanking Him for mercy shown to “S”!


  4. Dear Snezhana,
    Praise the Lord for protecting S!
    Continuing to pray for the soldiers and for their protection and for their hope to be in Jesus as their Savior!
    Thank you for the updates,
    Love in Christ,


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