2/7/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda Betina (Day 349): Dear brothers and sisters, The counselors of our center send you hello and thanks for the support and prayers. Yesterday evening we met together in Zoom: Roman and Vika from Odessa, Vova and Angela from France, Tanya, Sergey and me from Bilhorod. We talked about our work and life and tried to encourage each other. There is no electricity in Odessa. The big city is still recovering from the damages of the power system. Roman is using a generator to heat his apartment and to charge the gadgets. The mini charging station that we ordered for Vika finally came and she can have light and can charge her gadgets. She is very happy. Now she can do counseling and teach online without breaks. We missed George, he could not connect.

Vova and Angela are doing well. Vova has a job and it is a good support for them. Angela continues the ministry to women and the women’s club that she is leading is growing. This is her news:

Angela’s group

“Our club that we call ‘Hope’ for Ukrainian women in France continues its work. We meet every Wednesday. Our meeting lasts three hours, we have a group meeting and then I have individual meetings with some women. The communication that women have with each other is very important because they need help and support.

We discuss such important topics as how to overcome stress, how to get rid of anxiety, how to to be happy in the current situation. And of course there are lots of tears, lots of anxiety, lots of trauma. There is no certainty. It’s hard not to know how long the war will last and when they will be able to come home. It’s hard not to know if their home is still there. The main problems these people have are a state of fear and uncertainty. Many of them are depressed.

Last week we decided to play a game. It worked very well. Everyone immediately started laughing and became active. They enjoy our fellowship and look forward to a new meeting. Some started calling our group a family. This is very pleasing. It’s great to hear such feedback. Thank you very much for reading the stories of people who are far away from their homes. Thank you for praying for them. This is very important, both for them and for us.”

Vova and Angela ask to pray for their daughter Nastya who is with them now. She also has this feeling of uncertainty and does not know what to do.

Please, pray for our work and for our ministry.
In Christ,

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