2/8/2023 – The evil man dedicating his life to destroying the lives of millions

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (348th day of ruzzian invasion): Somewhere in Moscow, there is one very evil man dedicating his life to destroying the lives of millions; he is surrounded by other evil men who willingly follow their leader and commit their energy, knowledge, skills, and creativity to develop plans to kill Ukrainians and destroy Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of ruzzians are personally involved in the killing machine their leaders have started, and millions are supporting and cheering.

On my way to the office today, I saw a lot of kids on playgrounds that I passed. There is fresh snow on the ground. The parents are watching kids and holding cell phones in their hands, probably reading the news and also making sure not to miss air raid warnings because we know some ruzzians are sitting right now somewhere in their offices and planning where they will be killing people with the next missile strikes.

While people without heart and conscience are doing their evil deeds, we are working to counter it by doing whatever we can to help those who suffer the most. We can’t do much, but we do what we can. There are many other Ukrainian churches and volunteer organizations who are doing the same. Together we can help many people!

Today people from our church packed food packages for another humanitarian aid trip to the east. The trip starts tomorrow and will take 2 days as curfew hours do not allow driving during the night. We are grateful for prayers for the safety of the team. Thank you, Andrew Kelly and Jeremiah’s Hope ministry, for helping with rice and lentil mixes! We are also bringing gifts for children that friends from United Help Ukraine sent us.

22 days left till spring…

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