2/9/2023 – World Health Organization reports

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (349th day of ruzzian invasion): World Health Organization made a report on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The report documented more than 14,000 civilian casualties (no doubt the actual number is much higher, even in Mariupol alone!), with 17.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and 7.5 million Ukrainian refugees displaced across Europe.

Of 471 attacks with heavy weapons on healthcare facilities globally, 448 occurred in Ukraine, the WHO report said.

WHO covered events in the first nine months of 2022 and classed the situation in Ukraine, after ruzzian invasion on Feb. 24, as one of eight acute global health emergencies.

Ruzzia’s representative to the WHO board called the report politicized. Ruzzian cynicism has no boundaries! Ruzzian troops level to the ground with their artillery, the towns that they can’t conquer (see a recent video of Soledar). Every third Ukrainian is displaced! Every day there are bombings and shelling, and every couple of weeks, massive missile strikes on infrastructure! If winter wasn’t mild this year, casualties among civilians would be much higher – that was ruzzians’ purpose for destroying our infrastructure during the winter. The crimes are committed in front of a worldwide audience, and somehow ruzzian WHO representative disputes the report!

I just read today that 13,000 Ukrainian children were deported to ruzzia. Has there been a case of such massive kidnapping in history?!

The thing that is beyond comprehension is that in some ruzzian forum discussions even after almost a year of atrocities of war, they are asking, why Ukrainians hate us so much!?

21 days left till spring.

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