2/20/2023 – Historic visit of US President to Kyiv

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (361st day of ruzzian invasion): The historic visit of the United States President to Kyiv, amid ongoing war! Kyiv welcomed Biden with spring-like sunshine, ruzzians are trying to “welcome” him with missile threats and an aid raid. Zelensky and Biden like all the rest of Kyiv citizens are ignoring the air raid and walking on the streets of Kyiv. Ruzzians’ main weapon, fear is not working anymore.

As Biden said in his speech, “That dark night, a year ago the world was literally bracing for the fall of Kyiv, perhaps even the end of Ukraine. One year later, Kyiv stands, Ukraine stands, and democracy stands! America stands with you and the world stands with you!”

This year changed Ukraine and it changed the world! Individuals and countries had to choose whether they would support ruzzian invaders or Ukrainians flighting invasion. There can’t be a neutral position when the crime is being committed. Claiming neutrality is equal to supporting a bully. We are grateful that over the past 361 days the Western leaders finally understood that there can’t be negotiations with a terrorist state. Light has to overcome darkness. There can not be a compromise with evil.

8 days left till spring! One day closer to our victory!

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