2/21/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Two Presidents in Kyiv

From Lyuda Betina (Day 363): Dear brothers and sisters, Our day yesterday was full of events the most important of which was the visit of President Biden. When we saw in the news two Presidents walking along the streets in Kiev we were amazed by this brave expression of friendship and support. When they were in the main square, the sound of siren came – Russian planes took off in Belarus.

It did not scare our guest just like it no longer scares us. War has many aspects and one of them is political war where the right understanding of what is going on and victory over evil is important as much as the victory on the battle field. And it’s very important to look into the future and have a vision for our countries and for the whole world. That is why it’s important to pray for our leaders when they make these decisions.

Sergey spent some time with Paul yesterday. He says that war situation this month is without big changes. Our enemy tries to advance and they try and try every day and are able to move only a little bit covering their way with many dead bodies. And our army firmly stands on its positions and continuing holding them back. They say that the front line looks like a fiery arc on the photos made by satellite from the space.

Paul spends these days visiting his colleagues at work, visiting his friends and doing some things in the church. His mother says she does not see him at home.

Yesterday Dr. Anya came home for a few days. Her husband Vitaliy is in Odessa hospital. He is not wounded, he got sick and was diagnosed with a kidney stone. He is going to have a surgery on Thursday.
We were glad to see Anya during our evening time of prayer in Zoom and we are looking forward to meet with her this week.

Thank you for your prayers and may God bless us in our common efforts to serve Him.

In Christ,

4 responses to “2/21/2023 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Two Presidents in Kyiv”

  1. Dear Lyuda,
    Thank you for the update!
    I pray God brings salvation to both presidents, May they know the power and truth of the gospel and may God give them much wisdom and strength!
    It is so great that Paul can visit and rest and good to learn how to pray for the soldiers.
    I will pray for Dr Anya’s husband to have relief and a successful surgery.
    Also praying for them both to have much rest. I’m sure you are looking forward to seeing them soon!
    Love in Christ,


  2. Thank you for your updates, Lyuda. It was so good to see the pictures of Paul in your post yesterday and hear what he said about being a Christian at war. May the Lord grant a successful surgery and good recovery to Vitaliy and some rest and refreshment to Dr Anya and to Paul.


  3. Counselors, encourage soldiers and civilians to remember David, a soldier and fugitive whose Psalms often cried to God for help, ending in renewed assurance that his King would hear and deliver him.


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