2/23/2023 – Family Day in Odesa

From Snezhana Kadian in Odesa: There is a tension which comes from this date – a year of the war.

But today I want to tell you about something good. We had an event in our church Covenant of Grace in the northern part of Odesa.

We invited all the single mothers with kids we met before. This time our desire was to share the idea of the church as a gathering of people and each member of it is a part of the body. It was a perfect opportunity to explain things which are not obvious in our culture.

So we prepared a short talk to explain the meaning of the word “church”, some games for the kids, and crafts. We sang “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” to explain that church is the body of Christ.

Then we had a snack together and chatted a little bit, and at the end shared some food we bought for them. There were also some knitted clothing for kids from England, diapers and baby food, that we distributed too.

A lot of smiles, gratitude and warm words… Our guests left with big boxes of food, clothing and other things. God blessed us with wonderful feelings of doing something good for those people. Please pray for them to see Jesus, not us.

2 responses to “2/23/2023 – Family Day in Odesa”

  1. Hi Snezhana,
    Thanks for the encouraging post, looks like you all had a great day!
    Praying that through your love they will see Jesus and follow Him.
    Love in Christ,


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