3/10/2023 – Covenant of Grace Church in Odesa reaches out

Pastor George and church in Odesa

From Snezhana Kadian in Odesa: Recently we had an every month event for single mothers with kids.

We helped the hospital which accepts refugees from Kherson. They also help people with neurological disorders.We brought some blankets, clothing and vitamins.

We distributed some vitamin D to some church members and guests, and some insulin syringes and a pump went to our church members who got diabetes.

The team from our church delivered insulin and syringes to Ambulance in Kherson and to doctors volunteers in Antonivka( that’s where the Antonivskiy bridge is which was destroyed to stop Russian troops)

3 responses to “3/10/2023 – Covenant of Grace Church in Odesa reaches out”

  1. So wonderful! Reading 9 emails today. Some were those that needed prayer for peace and protection, healing and comfort. Then come the ones that show God’s people in the midst of hell on earth bringing the comfort, prayers and physical needs in the name of God. God be praised! By He be glorified throughout the world.


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