3/11/2023 – Visit to Kherson

From Snezhana Kadian in Odesa: A group of men from our church came back from a trip to Kherson. There was a pastor, a chaplain and an American paramedic. They brought medicine and vitamins and taught First aid training classes for civilians.

The monument between trees is for Ukrainians who resisted invaders with Molotov cocktails and were killed at that place.

3 responses to “3/11/2023 – Visit to Kherson”

  1. Dear Snezhana,
    It must have been so heart breaking for these three men to go to Kherson, but amazing they went and did the training. I am sure the people were so encouraged to have them visit!
    It is good they are home safely.
    I pray for the people of Kherson, how their world has changed.
    May many come to trust in Jesus Christ, the true and only hope they can cling to!
    Love in Christ,


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