3/15/2023 – I wish we didn’t need these heart-wrenching stories, but I pray none of them are wasted or forgotten

This picture was shared by Odesa City Council. Little Oleksandra (from the story shared below) is a testimony to the unbreakable spirit of resilience.

From Ira Kapitonova in Kyiv (Day 384):

O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer;
give ear, O God of Jacob!
Psalm 84:8

The situation in the Bakhmut area remains critical. Every day there are more and more reports about the wonderful people we lose to this horrible war. How do you keep your sanity? How do you keep hoping when this brutality has been going on for almost 13 months? My only solution is to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord and trust His goodness.

Today I came across a few stories of incredible resilience and life despite the horrors of war. I will share them here to see that God is good even in the darkest of times.

Little Oleksandra is 6 years old. She lost her leg when a Russian missile hit a residential building in Odesa in May 2022. This amazing young girl is going through rehabilitation, got a prosthetic leg, and even continues gymnastics training as it’s been her hobby since she was 3.

Valerii from Vinnytsia got a wound to his heart and severe shrapnel wounds to his head. He miraculously survived two surgeries and regained consciousness. The first people he saw were his wife and his 6-week-old baby.

A volunteer from New Zealand who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine was checking the newly gained enemy positions when they heard someone call from the basement, saying, “I am Ukrainian.” They thought it was a trap but then discovered it was his friend whom he had presumed dead for two months (see more details below).

I wish we didn’t need these heart-wrenching stories, but I pray none of them are wasted or forgotten.

The story shared by the soldier from New Zealand:

4 responses to “3/15/2023 – I wish we didn’t need these heart-wrenching stories, but I pray none of them are wasted or forgotten”

  1. Rev.2-3 I know your deeds,
    I’ve seen your service,
    I recognize the reputation of your lives,
    I know you live near Satan’s shadow
    and I have seen your faithful struggles to survive:
    To the one who overcomes I’ll give the manna,
    On the throne he’ll sit beside Me, dressed in white,
    she will become a column in God’s holy temple,
    they will all eat freely of the tree of life.
    [put to song by Michael Card]


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