3/15/2023 – “It’s our home”

Amsterdam Airport

From Maia Mikhaluk (384th day of ruzzzian invazion):

Amsterdam airport passport control.
Customs officer: What is your final destination?
Me: Kyiv.
Officer: Is it safe there already?
Me: Not really. There are missile strikes still happening regularly.
Officer: Why are you going to Kyiv then?
Me: It’s my home. My family is there.
Officer: If there are missile strikes regularly why doesn’t your family leave Ukraine?
Me: It’s our home.

I had a feeling he didn’t find my answers satisfying. But what else can I say? Ukraine is my home!

If it wasn’t for war in a few hours I would be landing in Kyiv, but instead, I will be landing in Krakow, and it will still take two trains to get home. No commercial flights to Ukraine because our sky is too crowded with ruzzian missiles.

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