3/19/2023 – Faith and family sustain this Kyiv family in wartime Ukraine

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (387th day of ruzzzian invazzion): In the beginning of the war, during the three weeks leading to Briana’s birth, I was interviewed several times by NPR’s The World. Those weeks were probably the scariest of all the war weeks as I was very concerned about Sasha and our soon-to-be-born granddaughter. I believe many people who started following me on Facebook in the early days of the war were also worried about Briana’s birth amid ruzzzians closing on Kyiv and shamelessly bombing hospitals around Ukraine. We are grateful for the care and prayers of many people!

In February this year, right before I left for my trip to the States we had journalists from NPR visit us at home and at our church for a follow-up interview, and they just sent me the report that was aired yesterday. Claudia Garland Bardi told me she even heard it on the radio yesterday while driving home.

I will put the link to the story that was aired in the first comment under the post. It’s a short audio you can listen to:


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