3/26/2023 – Join Zoom call update from L’viv

When? March 26, 3:00 pm EST, 2:00 pm CST, 1:00 pm MST, 12:00 pm PST
Join Doug Shepherd (MTW missionary in L’viv) for a live zoom update from Lviv

Lord willing, Doug will share live from Lviv on the war, church and crates for Ukraine.
Click the link below to join:


Upcoming Update Webinars:
March 26
April 30
May 28

The invasion has torn communities, churches and families apart. The pressure on marriages is extreme while children suffer through it all. With no end in sight for Russian aggression, people must make life out of the new wartime normal. The church is uniquely positioned to respond to the evil and darkness with a message of hope embodied by a community that still stands. We will discuss how the church has responded to the war and the loss.

God has been gracious, and the church continues to grow and serve in these dark times.

This week we will talk about:

  • War update-Latest news from easter front and western tanks
  • Lviv Church update
  • Daily life in Ukraine
  • Crates for Ukraine Winter Crisis Response

We look forward to catching up with you this Sunday.

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