3/29/2023 – As Ukrainian artists swap stage and studios for machine guns and body armour, in fight against Russian invasion

From Euromaiden Press by Christine Chraibi: Artists doing more than videos; they’re enlisting with the Ukrainian Army to fight off the Russian invasion.

As the war in Ukraine enters its 13th month, Ukrainian singers, actors, writers, and sports stars are taking up arms to defend their country. Ukraine’s vibrant music, sports, and legal scene has become an unofficial news outlet, documenting the Russian-Ukrainian war for an audience that might not be following traditional news channels. An athlete, a rap group, a poet, a singer, writer, lawyer, activist, and journalist, are all among those who’ve put aside their life’s work to fight for Ukraine’s survival.

By dedicating time and money to raising awareness, by enlisting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine temporarily or permanently, by volunteering, the country’s arts community is reaching out to their counterparts around the world.

For Ukrainian biathlete Dmytro Pidrychnyi, sports cannot be separated from politics. In his appeal to his fans, he says:…

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