4/14/2023 – Disappointment in US intelligence documents

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (413th day of ruzzzian invazion):

In the last few days, media space is filled with news about leaks of highly sensitive and classified US intelligence data about the war in Ukraine. The breach – which has sparked a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice – includes classified information about Ukraine’s battle against invading Russian forces and secret assessments of US allies. There are still speculations about the authenticity of documents, whether they have been altered, whether they were leaked with the purpose of misinformation, etc, but more and more it seems it’s believed that documents are authentic.

One of the things that Ukraine found especially disappointing about those US intelligence docs is a pessimistic assessment of future Ukrainian counteroffensive success. But we need to remember that the assessment was probably done by the same people who had believed Kyiv would fall in three days at the beginning of invazion. The Ukrainian army is still underestimated by our allies and by our enemies. It’s disappointing but shouldn’t be discouraging because regardless of what others believe, we will free our land from aggressors.

This coming Sunday, our church, like many other churches in Ukraine, will celebrate Easter. Just tonight, we were gathering at our church for a special Communion service to remember the events of that Thursday that were just the day before Jesus was crucified. I kept thinking that those long hours between Crucifixion and Resurrection were filled with hopelessness, sadness and despair for Jesus’ disciples (much like our long months of the war). But Resurrection and Christ’s Victory over sin and death were already guaranteed even if disciples couldn’t imagine it. Thankfully God’s plan is not affected by our belief or lack of belief. And our faith is not based on our assessment of circumstances; our faith and trust in God are based on our understanding of Who God is and what His promises are

It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t believe in our Victory, we know Light will overcome Darkness. It will all be well in the end. If it’s not well, it’s not the end yet!

One response to “4/14/2023 – Disappointment in US intelligence documents”

  1. Yes, it is so true! Who thought that Gideon would win against the Midianites? and who believed that David would triumph over Goliath? Let the world be surprised by what God can do for Ukraine!


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