4/16/2023 – “Teenagers and their life during the war: attitudes, values, future”

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (415th day of ruzzzian ivazion): It was encouraging to read today in Ukrainian Pravda the results of the all-Ukrainian sociological study “Teenagers and their life during the war: attitudes, values, future” that was presented by the charitable foundation “Klub Dobrodiyiv”. The Kantar company interviewed teenagers aged 13-19 from all over Ukraine.

On the one hand, the study showed that the war had changed Ukrainian youth much more than the pandemic that shook the world. According to the results of the survey, 87% of teenagers experienced the biggest changes in their lives precisely during a full-scale war, while during the COVID-19 pandemic – 13%.

Almost 40% of young people in connection with the war feel fear for life and health – their own and their loved ones. Many of them report anxiety due to the uncertainty of the future, moving to other countries and cities, as well as due to power outages and the lack of an opportunity to have a stable connection. Explosions, sirens, alarms, curfew restrictions – all this has a negative impact.

But at the same time, during the war, youth gained confidence in themselves and the country. Despite the fact that the war is the biggest focus of teenagers’ experiences, and 87% do not understand how to plan for the long term – 93% of young people believe in their own strength and are convinced that they are making efforts for self-realization. Interestingly, even in times of complete instability, almost 70% know what they want to be in the future.

95% of teens believe in Victory of Ukraine, 90% of teenagers said that they want to be useful during the post-war reconstruction of the country, 86% see their future in Ukraine.
Many are already making personal efforts to contribute to Victory: 43% of those surveyed already participated in volunteering during the war. Some collected money for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, others prepared food for those who needed it, or wove camouflage nets. This generation of Ukrainians are learning some important values not from books, but with first-hand experiences of sacrifice, bravery, courage, generosity, kindness, and endurance!

The circle of role models is one of the biggest changes in the outlook of teenagers in Ukraine during the war. Parents, soldiers and volunteers are examples of role models for young people today.

81% feel that today they can rely on their parents, 38% – on friends, 28% – on the military. The latter became a role model for 51% of teenagers, and volunteers – for a quarter (25%). Bloggers and celebrities are role models only for 10%.

It hurts to know that our kids have to go through so much pain and uncertainty, but we see that this experience is not breaking them, it is shaping them to be better people, it is helping them to deeper understand their identity and their values.

2 responses to “4/16/2023 – “Teenagers and their life during the war: attitudes, values, future””

  1. What a glorious finding! I pray that the youth in the U.S. would mature like these youth are! Use them for Your glory, O Lord of Hosts!


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