4/25/2023 – Spring in Kyiv

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (425th day): Spring is in full swing in Kyiv. Everything is blooming, the grass is vibrant green, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the air is filled with the aroma of blooming trees. It’s close to perfect and the heart wants to soar with hope, but at the same time, there is a deep heaviness that holds it back. The war is still on, and at any moment, the sounds of birds’ songs can be overpowered by the sound of air raid sirens.

And in some parts of Ukraine this very minute, there are explosions, buildings are being leveled to the ground, lives cut short…

I keep thinking, all Ukrainians want is to live, love, raise kids, build, plant, and create. Why can’t our greedy neighbors want the same? Why do they have to invade, kill, destroy, and end up dying on our land while committing unspeakable crimes?!

3 responses to “4/25/2023 – Spring in Kyiv”

  1. Romans 1: 25-32 explains the heart of man without God–and Ukraine’s enemy is fooled by our greatest Enemy. . .


  2. It is God who is the source of energy in all seeds, & He who put rational souls, or spirits, into the living beings He selected, and He who gave us the gift of speech & language.
    The God we worship..controls the beginnings, progress and ending of wars..He rules the universal element of fire, so vehement & violent..He is the Creator and Ruler of all water in the universe..He gave us the earth, fertility of soil & food for men & beast..He provided ways of traveling. He endowed the human intelligences He created with a knowledge of the arts & sciences..
    Such are the activities that the acute and learned Varro sought to distribute among the select gods..the truth is that all these actions and energies belong to the one true God, who is really a god, confined by no frontiers..though His nature has no need of heaven or earth, He fills them both with His presence & His power.
    –Augustine “City of God”


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