5/17/2023 – Moscow moves to legislate forced deportation of Ukrainians from occupied territory to Russia

Russian invader Photo posted by Ukraine’s Human Rights Ombudsperson


From Human Rights in Ukraine by Halya Coynash:

Moscow is repeating policy used under Stalin to destroy the Ukrainian identity of areas currently under occupation and to deport those who refuse to be ‘Russified’

Amendments have been introduced to Russian legislation which envisage “forced and controlled deportation of citizens” from zones where Russia has declared martial law to territory where no such state has been declared. Translated from Russian Newspeak, this means that the aggressor state illegally occupying parts of Ukraine receives a legislative carte blanche to carry out forced deportation of Ukrainians from their homes in Ukraine to Russian territory. Such deportation has hitherto been carried out under the guise of ‘evacuation’…

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