5/19/2023 – Romanian support for refugees ending?

Seeing off some of our first, dear arrivals in Brasov as they, more than a year later, return to Odessa

While there have been many positive developments for Ukraine as they defend themselves against Russia’s attacks, the future is still very uncertain, and especially so for displaced Ukrainians. In this edition of ‘Snapshots’ we’ll share some of the events that have both encouraged us and challenged us.

From Bob Burnham (MTW Odesa) in Brasov, Romania

Last month we received news that Romania’s refugee program would begin changing and winding down on May 1st. While additional limitations are introduced this summer, financial aid will continue throughout the end of the year only for those who meet strict parameters. For a majority of refugees this impacts their ability to pay for housing, utilities and food.

And although most Ukrainians don’t consider it safe to return to their homes in Ukraine, they are faced with few other options. Many of the women have younger children and aren’t able to work full-time, and the salaries that Ukrainians receive here are typically less than salaries for Romanians – not enough to live on. Others with older kids cannot enroll them in required Romanian schools since they do not speak the language. Some in our community have already returned while others are trying to fulfill requirements allowing them to stay as long as they can. Please pray that God would lead us in His wisdom to explore sustainable ways to help these families.

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