5/21/2023 – A game changer

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: On the 451st day of ruzzian invazion Ukraine finally got a promise of F-16 planes!

When this madness started 451 days ago, many friends were writing to us inquiring how they could help. We were asking friends around the world to appeal to their governments to help protect the Ukrainian sky. The bombings and air raids were even more frequent then, and we were not used to them like we are now. We were spending hours in bomb shelters and praying/hoping we would soon get help to fight against the bully. It took many months to get anti-missile defense systems to Ukraine, but now they save thousands of lives from the ongoing barrage of missiles and drones.

Today we got the good news that the USA had given permission to European countries to give F-16 planes to Ukraine. Military experts are saying that will be a game-changer in this war. Ruzzian hysterics over this news also prove that it’s a great one!

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