5/22/2023 – Former Green Beret from Boise, Idaho, killed in Bakhmut by combatants from the Wagner Group

From Euromaiden Press: Nicholas Dwain Maimer, a former Green Beret from Boise, Idaho, was reportedly killed in Bakhmut by combatants from the Wagner Group. The soldier’s death contributes to the increasing number of American casualties in the Ukrainian war. Since the invasion last year, at least 12 Americans have lost their lives.

Maimer initially enlisted in the US Army in 1996 and served in the Idaho, Utah, and California National Guards over the next 20 years. He achieved the rank of Green Beret in 2005 and was deployed with the Utah Guard’s 19th Special Forces Group to the Philippines in 2006. In 2018, he retired as a staff sergeant from the Idaho National Guard, assuming an administrative position.

45-year-old veteran Nick Maimer spent the past year in Ukraine training volunteers. He resided in Idaho but moved to Spain to teach English two months before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Witnessing the events unfolding in Ukraine, Maimer felt a moral duty to assist the Ukrainian people. At first, he was part of the now-defunct Mozart PMC, then left the company and joined the Territorial Defence Force, where he trained Ukrainian soldiers.

“I believe this is one of the most blatant unjust aggressions in recent history. It’s evident to everyone that this invasion is unwarranted. So, I felt compelled by my moral compass to act,” said Maimer in an interview.

Retired Lt. Col. Perry Blackburn, the founder of AFGFree, a non-profit group that offers humanitarian aid and training in Ukraine, confirmed Maimer’s death. Blackburn believes Maimer was in Bakhmut conducting a site visit to assess the area’s humanitarian logistics needs.

“I believe he was there with the Territorial Defense, conducting an assessment to determine the locations that required the most assistance. Unfortunately, he got caught in the dynamics of the battlefield and was struck by Russian artillery.”

Bill Fackler, a retired Army veteran, had known Maimer for over a decade. They were friends and had worked together processing personnel in and out of the unit.

“When he did something, he did it 150%. And he also was the kind of guy that would give the shirt off his back to anybody!” stated Fackler.

Вічна Пам’ять! Eternal Memory!
Герої не вмирають! Heroes Never Die!


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