4/24/2023 – Aid for Kherson Region

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (454th day): Here is a photo overview of our recent trip to the Kherson region. We distributed food and supplies in three villages. When sorting through the pictures, what struck me was a dissonance between the ruins of all the houses in those villages and the smiles I saw on so many people’s faces, especially when they were receiving gardening tools.

People often look sad or a bit embarrassed when we distribute food packages. I can understand – for many of them, it’s not usual to accept such basic help. But when they get gardening tools that they can use to grow their own food they are excited! They would rather have a fishing poll than fish!

In Ivanivka, people told us their village was occupied from March 10 to July 26, 2022. Before invasion, there were more than 1000 people; after 2-3 weeks of occupation, people started finding ways to evacuate, which was not easy – ruzzians didn’t let them leave. Many crossed the river during the night, walking on a gas pipe that was connecting two shores. When the village was liberated at the end of July, only about 100 people still lived there. Now it’s up to 500 again. Even though homes are badly damaged and their gardens are full of landmines and unexploded ammunition, people are eager to return and try to start rebuilding.

The conversations about the future were filled with hope and determination!

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